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Why You Should Use an NWFA Certified Floor Installer

Why You Should Use an NWFA Certified Floor Installer

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Everyone appreciates a good night’s sleep. When you choose the National Wood Flooring Association for your hardwood flooring project, you can rest easy.

Let’s face it; remodels are stressful. If you don’t have confidence with your team, that stress can be overwhelming. When you hire an NWFA crew for your flooring project, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Who is the NWFA?

The NWFA is the leading international authority of flooring standards. They are a non-profit association that represents all aspects of the industry from manufacturers, distributors, inspectors, and installers. Each member is dedicated to industry standards, quality products, services, and education.

NWFA’s Certified Professional Program validates their member’s industry expertise and recognizes them as experts in their field. But what is the process of becoming a certified professional?

Extensive Training to Get it Right

An NWFA Certified Professional completes extensive wood flooring training and education and has access to ongoing education. Every team member at The HFC has this training at their disposal so that they can provide you with quality craftsmanship. As NWFA Certified Professionals, we know what a proper floor installation, sand, and finish look like.

Training includes:

  • How to properly acclimate the wood before installation
  • The effects of humidity on a floor installation
  • How ventilation and humidification systems can ruin a wood floor
  • Choosing and installing the right moisture barrier for a floor
  • How to install a full-spread glue down floor
  • The right glue and fastening systems for each floor
  • How to choose the right sanding sequence for each floor
  • The difference between hard wax oil finish and polyurethane

The HFC team regularly attends training and workshops around the country to enhance our knowledge of industry standards. Learning more about innovative finishes and cutting edge tools ensures your project is exactly what you dreamed of.

Our NWFA team members are experts in every aspect of hardwood flooring, so you get the best possible service. It’s what makes us true artisans and our customers happy with the final results.

Let’s Get to Work

The Hardwood Floor Company, is the only NWFA Certified installation and sand and finish team in Central Oregon. Working with us means you’re getting a premier contractor, specially trained & tested that is committed to achieving your dream floors.

Contact us today to talk about your next hardwood floor install. You’ll get a good night’s rest knowing that your floor remodel is in the right hands.