Hardwood Floor Installation Process

Trust the HFC Process

No matter the service you desire, The Hardwood Floor Company’s process takes place in several phases. While staying consistent, so no board or luxury vinyl plank goes forgotten, 20 years of experience within the flooring industry contribute towards a well-thought-out process leading to a result you’ll be proud to walk on.

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1. Choosing Your Perfect Floors

Start your flooring journey by visiting our showroom, where our design staff will guide you through our extensive selection of flooring samples tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Following this, we'll schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, bringing your chosen samples and providing a detailed written quote for the project. This seamless process ensures you find the perfect flooring while fully understanding the scope and cost of the installation.

2. Ordering and Scheduling

Your project begins after you sign your contract and make the initial deposit. We will order your materials and schedule your project to commence on our earliest available date. We do our best to align with your preferred schedule whenever possible.

3. Material Delivery

Your flooring materials will arrive 5-7 days prior to the installation day, allowing them to adapt to their new environment. Ensure that a designated space within your home is cleared for the flooring cartons; please note that garage storage is not suitable.

*Special Note: Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floors do not require an acclimation period and will be delivered either the day before or on the day of installation.

4. Preparation: Furniture, Appliances, and Trim


Before our team arrives, please remove any small, fragile items and electronics. Empty dressers and armoires and strip beds of all bedding. If you've opted for our furniture moving service, we will handle your larger items like beds, tables, and couches. Designate a storage area for these items before the project begins.


Before our installation team arrives, you will need to clear away small, fragile items and electronics. Emptying any dressers and armoires and stripping bedding is also a necessity. If you've chosen our furniture moving service, we'll manage the heavy lifting of larger furniture pieces. A storage area will need to be designated beforehand.


Our team will also remove all base and cabinet moldings, but reinstalling them and doing any subsequent touch-ups will be your responsibility.

5. Demo Day

If you've chosen our demolition service, the removal of your old flooring will start on day one. The duration of this process varies based on your existing flooring and is subject to change. All old material will be removed and disposed of by the HFC crew.

*For dust minimization, we'll seal off cabinets, doorways, shelves, and electronics with plastic sheeting.

6. Installation

Our contract includes minor floor preparations. Should more extensive repairs be necessary, we will reach out for your approval before proceeding. Keep in mind that installation involves using tools that are both noisy and potentially hazardous. For everyone's safety, please minimize movement in the work area during installation hours, pets included.

7. Wrap-Up and Billing

Once your project is complete, our field manager will conduct a final walkthrough or schedule a phone call to confirm your satisfaction. We'll also provide you with maintenance and cleaning guidelines. Should you have any concerns, we urge you to contact us immediately. Your final invoice will be sent via email and is due upon receipt.

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